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Blackbird Letterpress, Kathryn Hunter, founder

Kathryn Hunter began Blackbird Letterpress in 2003 in Lafayette, Louisiana, after she purchased a Chandler & Price 8x12 letterpress. Since she couldn't move the 1100lb press into her apartment, she moved it along with 5 cabinets of lead type to the backroom of her friends' house. The printshop grew little by little in that back room until it was bursting the seams. From 2007-2016, Blackbird worked out of a mural-clad building in Baton Rouge, LA, which they shared with a cool metalworking business and two frisky guard dogs. The printshop moved in Fall of 2016 and has expanded in space and equipment. They use the original C&P 8x12, along with a Vandercook SP15, C&P 10x15, and 2 Heidelberg Windmills. and have 2 new frisky guard dogs. All Blackbird's cards are printed and all notebooks handmade in the printshop by an all women staff. With sturdy binding and letterpress printed covers, their recycled smooth-paper notebooks are perfect for writing, drawing, and musing. Their newest line of inspiring women items are sure to motivate and educate. In the printshop, they use recycled and tree-free materials, citrus based solvents and low VOC inks–making a small footprint with a bold impact.


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