María del Socorro Gasca Chalqueño and Inés Hernandez Estrada inspiration for CARALARGA was entering the world of Mexican textiles.Every piece that CARALARGA produces is 100% handmade. María and Inés, the collaborators, dedicate an important part of their time to work the collections. Thanks to their wit, professionalism, compromise, and creativity, CARALARGA designs can be transformed into high quality, artisan jewelry. Their hands bring the value of traditions and culture to every customer. They understand the importance to share the story behind each piece, the development process, its care, and more important, the hands that worked them. This way each CARALARGA can be truly understood and fully enjoyed.

It is at the -old factory of yarn and textiles- “El Hércules” in Querétaro, México, where theconcern for creating pieces made of starched 100% raw cotton thread, arose in their minds.Qualities such as texture, color and smell of the thread, motivated a line made, notnecessarily of metals, but of natural fibers. CARALARGA refers to Mexican culture and itspre-hispanic origins.


The experience of CARALARGA begins with the visit to Hércules made everymonth. Here, Francisco, who has been working at the yarn area for more than 20 years,helps the team choose the thickness of the thread that will subsequently be taken to thegummed process to acquire its texture. When this process is finished, the thread is storedon a giant steel reel. This way it prevents from tangling. Later, the thread is cut and rolledinto a big  ̈queso Oaxaca ̈ type of ball to make it easier to bring into the workshop andstart with the creative process.


made by caralarga

Folasade AdeosoCARALARGA