Cojolya is both a registered non-profit working to improve the lives of artisans and their families, and a certified Fair Trade organization dedicated to the conservation of the tradition, not as a historical relic, but as an economically viable source of employment for woman weavers.

The backstrap loom weaving technique is a key Maya art form that has persisted intact in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.

Cojolya helps to facilitate the professional development of each of their weavers by providing free training in areas such as sewing machine skills, jaspe dyeing, business, communication, and design. Many of their artisans have either started their own small weaving businesses, or have applied these skills to existing small enterprises. 

As a proud member of the World Fair Trade Organization, Cojolya  acts according to the Ten Principles of Fair Trade, and thus aims to empower both producer and consumer through emphasizing a kind, transparent, and fair way to trade.



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