Zayury Jimenez Founder of Cultura Tropical 

Zayury Jimenez started Cultura Tropical, her brand of beach accessories and clothing, as a way to create a connection between Mexican tradition, fashion, and environmentally responsible pieces. Cultura Tropical was created for and by women, encouraging the warrior that each of us has inside to come out, to embrace our womanhood and our surrounding world.

Zayu designs all of the products and works with a team of four women, three single mothers, from the Amuzgo community in Zihuatanejo Guerrero, Mexico to hand-make them. Their community is an almost extinct ethnic group so it is important to keep the talents and techniques of these women alive. All are paid a fair wage and Zayu saves a percentage of proceeds for them in case of emergencies.

Materials are sourced from the region to support the local economy and when possible Cultura Tropical uses recycled items, like woven placemats in the clutches available on Future and Fauna.



made by cultural tropical